Custom Balloon Centerpieces & Bouquets

Balloon centerpieces or Balloon Bouquets are the simplest and easiest way to decorate any space. Balloon Bouquets around the room fill space and make a room look more festive. Table centerpieces are also a great way to fill space in the room. From simple 3 balloons on a weight to large round balloons with lights. Party Lab has many different designs that will help make you event really shine!

Popular Latex Style Centepieces

Starting at $7.99

Popular Latex & Foil Styles

Starting at $9.99

Popular Floor Style Bouquets

Starting at $7.99

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Happy Bar Mitzvah Josh! I hope you enjoyed your party yesterday! Thanks for letting us bring your vision together!  #balloons #balloondecor #ballooncenterpieces #balloonbunches #balloonbouquet #barmitzvah #thepartylab
Happy to be a part of the fundraiser tonight! We donated this balloon garlands and some fun centerpieces to make the room really shine! Hope your event goes well tonight! #balloons #balloongarland #balloonbackdrop #onewishproject #thepartylab #ballooncenterpieces